The Corporate Soul Handbook

Whether you are involved with a small business, Fortune 500 company or a non-profit organization, you will find great use for the practical insights and discoveries within this handbook. Your organization is different from any other organization. This handbook is not full of one size fits all rules and guidelines. Rather, it gives the reader hands-on common sense philosophy of operating a thriving organization that continues to evolve to form a legacy that spans economic cycles and changes in leadership.

The author logged attributes of highly successful organizations for more than three decades. What he discovered was despite the different sizes, industries, organizational structures, purposes and leadership personalities of thriving businesses there is a common thread. Organizations that excel over long periods of time operate differently than overnight successes or failing businesses. Organizations with a legacy of achievement have a different operating philosophy. These organizations have an intangible advantage that they nurture. These organizations have a healthy corporate soul.

This handbook capsulizes these discoveries so the reader can take this philosophy and apply it to his/her own set of circumstances. With helpful methods of identifying the corporate soul within your organization and the benefits of doing so, this handbook can help you develop individual contributors, leaders, teams and ultimately build a platform for a winning organization.

Chapters within the handbook include:

  • The Benefits of Nurturing a Healthy Corporate Soul
  • The Four Structural Pillars of Your Organization
  • Zombies or Zealots?
  • Walk the Talk
  • Working Together Using Balance and Harmony
  • Transformation
  • Inspiration Not Just Perspiration
  • Appendix I: The Essence of a Corporate Soul
  • Appendix II: Corporate Soul Assessment Guide

This handbook is not meant to be read once and then put on your bookshelf. Even the size of the book was designed to allow the reader to use it as a reference guide. You can easily keep the handbook in your desk drawer, your purse or your briefcase allowing you to use it often for personal reflection or to take it to team meetings to promote discussion. Find the intangible powerful spirit within your organization. Help your business build a firm foundation through rediscovering and nurturing your corporate soul. Make The Corporate Soul Handbook a must read in your organization.

Ron Mercer

Ron Mercer

Ron Mercer

Ron’s career in business spans more than thirty years encompassing four major economic cycles. During this time, he logged the key traits and characteristics of successful organizations that thrived through difficulties and with prosperity. He discovered these organizations had something special that set them apart. These organizations had an intangible that helped them transcend peaks and valleys. They all had a healthy corporate soul.

In the commercial banking industry, Ron worked for and competed against community banks, large regional, super regional banks and “Trillion Dollar Titans”. During this time, he enjoyed the opportunity to work with businesses of every size. He made loans to and advised entrepreneurs who literally had little more than an idea and a great deal of grit and determination to Fortune 500 companies with many different divisions, products and thousands of employees.

Ron also managed two different formal bank-training programs for new commercial lenders. Utilizing his practical experiences, his curriculum focused on not just how to analyze financial statements but how to spot winning leadership traits of businesses before extending credit to these organizations. His training classes also focused on early warning signs of businesses that are drifting into a state of decline or failure.

Ron also served as a senior vice president of a trillion dollar organization within its correspondent banking group. He was able to observe and work with management and ownership teams of more than four hundred and fifty banks throughout the United States. Some of these banks failed, some continue to muddle through each month hoping for the best, and some flourished during the banking crisis of 2008 and the years that have followed.

While Ron served in various leadership roles, he distinguished himself within the organizations he served and within the communities he lived as one who could develop, motivate, train and inspire high performing teams and individual team members. Because of this, he has been asked to speak before various organizations and management teams regarding successful traits of high performing teams and pitfalls to avoid when developing and growing organizations. He is also known as a visionary and positive thinker who is action oriented.


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    Ron, so very good to hear from you and what an inspirational journey you have set. I’ve just started visiting your website but love the intro video. Are you here in Dallas?

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    Thank you!

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