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Does My Organization Have a Corporate Soul?

I usually reply to this question with a question, “Is your organization alive or dead?” If you believe your organization is not alive, virtually dead or dying then no, I do not believe your organization has a corporate soul. If you believe your organization has life then yes, it has a soul. The soul is what breathes the life into your organization. It is that special something that connects your structural pillars (see “The Corporate Soul Handbook” for further definition of structural pillars).

Here in lies the problem, most people have a hard time identifying something they cannot see or touch. Your corporate soul certainly falls in that category. You corporate soul is something you feel. To get in touch with your corporate soul you and your organization will have to feel. I once had a senior executive making visits around the company I worked for stop by to meet the people in my regional office and to visit with customers. At the end of the visit, the executive told me there was something different about our regional office. She could not put her finger on it or really describe it but she liked the feeling. I could see she was struggling with what she experienced.

Later that day, as I dropped her off at the airport, out of nowhere she said, “I have it! What I felt in your office was….. warmth! I sure wish I could have that feeling in more of our offices. How do you do it? I mean your people really feel connected. There is a sense of belonging. I can just tell by walking through the hallways and from my short visits with them.” What she was feeling was that regional team had something special. That team had a soul. We believed in it and we believed in each other.

You cannot see love but you can feel it. You cannot see the wind either but you can see the impact the wind has had as it moves by you. So it is with the Corporate Soul. You cannot see it but it helps identify who you are as an organization. It is something the helps you and your people build relationships, deep, long lasting relationships. It is something that inspires people on your team to want to work with others on achievements that are bigger than themselves. You cannot see it but you can feel it and once you do, you will never forget it.

I encourage you to seek to indentify with your corporate soul. In the blogs and videos ahead, we can visit about how to operate with feelings rather than just rules and policies. In the mean time, I look forward to your feedback and comments! Until next time… peace.