Get Some Entrepreneurial Spirit

The small business person is such a great example for all of us. We tend to be caught up in our own lives and  take them for granted but they are a mighty force to be reckoned with throughout the world.  In many respects, we would all be more productive, creative and fulfilled if we could get some of their spirit.  Here are just a few examples of some recent sightings.

As I have said many times before, I am very blessed.  I live in a nice neighborhood where my neighbors tend to hire everything done for them.  If you have a baby that is beginning to crawl, you can hire a child proofing firm to come out and install all kinds of child proofing devices so they do not get into the pots and pans cabinet.  When the little prince or princess has a birthday,  my neighbors hire a balloon artist to come erect an eight foot tall number 3 in the front yard so everyone who drives by knows today is special.  Just the other day, I was working in my yard and a bright-colored pick up truck caught my eye as it passed.  I looked up and noticed the name of the firm…. “Poo B Gone”.  Wow, I never knew it but, yes, you can hire someone to come by three times a week and pick up after your pets!  It’s true and the owner has a website that refers to the EPA statement that your backyard dog poop is as dangerous as a chemical or oil spill in your backyard.  Go figure….

For about nine months, I lived and worked in downtown San Francisco.  Across the bay, there is a small beautiful town named Sausalito.   When you get off the ferry there is “The Rock Man”.  He makes a living by balancing rocks on the sea wall for tourists.  He has a small microphone, a speaker and a tin can… that’s it!  People find what he does so interesting that they drop money in the tin can.  You can find him on YouTube.  Back in San Francisco, along Pier 39, there is an enterprising soul referred to as “The Bush Man”.  Each morning he cuts a couple of branches from a bush and then sits on a five gallon bucket alongside his tin can.  Tourists come by.  He shakes the bush branches, makes a growl and scares them.  People find it so funny that they come back and drop money in his tin can.  He has been so successful you can also find him on YouTube. He now has copycats in New York and Chicago!  A very dear friend of mine from West Texas upon seeing this all in action said… “Don’t tell me you can’t make a living in this country.”

So let’s take a look at what makes these small business owners successful so we can apply it in our lives and teams.  Characteristics of their spirit are:

  • They have ingenuity/creativity in order to fill a need
  • They take risks with their money and their careers
  • They adapt to changing conditions
  • They are willing to do things less successful people are not willing to do
  • They work incredibly hard
  • They are passionate about what they do and believe in themselves

Take just one of the above attributes and try to apply it to yourself and your team next week.  Then keep doing it while you take up the next attribute.  Work your way through this list and keep spreading the entrepreneurial spirit.  There is no way you and your team will not be better for it.

Oh, one last comment… C’mon, man.  Don’t tell me you can’t make a living in this country.   Peace  🙂

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