Is Your Boat Drifting?

Whether it is our personal, our teams’ or our organizations’ lives, we all know there are times when we find ourselves…. well, just drifting.  We are blown in the direction of the wind, our fortunes seems to rise and fall with the tides, we are swept away by the currents of life.  When we are drifting, our situational success depends entirely on outside forces.  Usually, those outside forces do not have our interests at heart.  Here are a four things you can do when you find yourself, your team or your organization drifting.

  1. Recognize you are drifting! Check your progress on your road map.  Here is a clue.  Do you realize we have just a few more than 45 days to go before we have been through the first half of the year?  Are you hitting your goals for 2014?  By now you should be able to see how your year is progressing.  The first phase of recovery is always recognizing you have a problem.
  2. Take the helm.  There is a great book in my recommended reading list on this website titled, “It’s Your Ship”.  You are the captain of your ship.  Take responsibility for your success and failure.  It is not too late in the year for a recovery but someone has to drive the boat.  It is up to you, or you are just drifting.
  3. Use a compass.   Look at where you are and where you are heading right now.  Is it in the right direction?  If not, you are going to have to reset your heading and sail in the right direction.  Use small but achievable steps.  If you and your team are always (baseball term) swinging for the fence, you will either get lucky or get tired.  My bet is it is tired.  That luck thing usually does not work too well.
  4. Believe you can do it.  Even sailors with moderate abilities learn to sail with the wind and against the wind.  There will be times during the rest of the year when you will have to swim against the current.  Everyone looks good when the tide is coming in!  If you want to be successful over the long run, you have to believe in yourself, your team and your organization.  Organizations with a healthy corporate soul know this and they nurture that believe often. You can read more about it in my new book, “The Corporate Soul Handbook”.

If it was easy, anyone could do it.  It is that little bit of EXTRA that turns ordinary into extraordinary.  The crowd drifts, while the high achievers are finding ways to make things happen those drifters think are impossible.

You can do it!  One way to stay on track is for you and your team to subscribe to my Thought of the Day.  Start your day with a word of INSPIRATION.  You can sign up today on this website.  No more drifting,  go ahead and sign up for FREE today!

Until next time, Peace!