Overcoming Obstacles

“”The most rewarding things you can do in life are often the ones that look like that cannot be done.”

Arnold Palmer, Professional Golf Champion and businessman

All of us hit obstacles on our path to success.  Some of those obstacles can be easily identified because they are tangible.  Just like on a hike, you can go over, around, under or through tangible obstacles on a mountain path.  What is hard to overcome is an obstacle that is not tangible.  You cannot simply pick it up and move it or jump over it.  In fact, these may be the hardest obstacles to overcome because we cannot see them.  They may be in our “blind spot”.

Let me suggest some examples of intangible obstacles that can deter you from reaching your goals.

  • Bad habits – are you doing the same stupid things over and over again?  Remember you cannot keep doing the same thing and expecting different (better) results.
  • Your personality – has anyone reacted to you like you were abrasive, uncaring, lack passion?
  • Lack of faith – faith is believing without seeing… in your heart.  What do you truly believe in…. anything?  Is your belief so strong that it seems to exude from you?  It better be or you will eventually quit/give up.
  • No sense of purpose – why are you reaching for that goal or that success?  If it is all about me, if you get there… you will feel empty. Your sense of purpose has to be greater than yourself.
  • Lack of training/education – So when are you going to take the time to get it?
  • Shortfall in Character – Have you given anyone in your circle of influence a reason not to trust you?

At this point, you can see how “blind spots” can be obstacles that you need to overcome if you are going to reach some of the lofty goals you have set for yourself or your team.  One of the best ways to see blind spots is to get a mentor to be honest with you and help you recognize them so you can deal with them.  If you don’t tackle the intangible obstacles before you, you may look like one of the participants in the picture above.  People will not believe you are dedicated to reaching your goals.  They may believe you are just “horsing around”.  Get serious about overcoming your intangible obstacles today.  You can do it!

Until next time, Peace!

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