HR, Culture and The Corporate Soul

HR, Culture and the Corporate Soul The HR world has certainly changed since I joined the workforce over 35 years ago.  Back then, HR, was referred to as the Personnel Department.  Because of the increased burden of government regulations and lawsuits, the focus of today’s HR world has morphed into something that I am not […]

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How Do I Inspire the People Around Me?

Be the Light Others are Drawn To

    So you are technically proficient and have done such a good job that you have been promoted to manager. You feel comfortable with managing a project but now there is a new challenge. You are responsible for people! You manage things. You lead people. You are going to have to learn how to […]

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Does My Organization Have a Corporate Soul?

Sunrise Over the Dead Sea

I usually reply to this question with a question, “Is your organization alive or dead?” If you believe your organization is not alive, virtually dead or dying then no, I do not believe your organization has a corporate soul. If you believe your organization has life then yes, it has a soul. The soul is […]

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