Take Time to Smell the Roses

We all live in a very fast paced society today.  It seems like the pace of change is getting faster and faster.  For many of us, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily activity and miss some of “THE” moments in life.

We spend time working hard so we can have responsibilities but when we get to that point we sometimes look back and wish we had those days back when our responsibilities and pressures were less.  We go to work but wish we were at home.  When we get home we are so busy catching up that it sometimes seems easier to be back at work.  In the winter, we wish for warmer days and in the summer we wish for cooler days of Fall.

To be effective, we have to be able to build on the past, prepare for the future but live in the present.  When was the last time you visited with a team member, your supervisor or your significant other and they were there but….. really their attention was someplace else.  It was an empty and frustrating experience wasn’t it?  Stop and ask yourself,  “Am I exhibiting the same actions with the ones who I touch?”

Here are three things you can do to be more “present”.

1.  Your attitude has to be framed so that you are enjoying what you are doing TODAY! No kicking the can down the road wishing you were someone else or someplace else.  Enjoy TODAY!

2. Cut down on the distractions.  Email, texts, news events, memos, phone calls, (You know what I am talking about) have to be shut off when you are talking to someone or trying to focus on a task.  This might mean letting the phone go to voicemail, setting down or turning off the cell phone or even physically turning the computer screen so you cannot view it. If you are there…. Be there!

3. Take time to smell a rose.  It may sound funny but by the physical action of simply stopping and actually enjoying the smell of a fresh flower may cause you pause long enough to say, Hey!  What am I doing?  I am missing the best things in life and they are right in front of me!

I hope you go buy some fresh flowers or at least stop while shopping in a local store long enough to breath in the fragrance and enjoy the colors.  You will find it refreshing, your attitude will get a positive adjustment and your distractions will melt away.  By the way, the rose in the picture above is in my front yard and it smells wonderful!  Until next time, Peace…..

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