Transparency…Is Your Lens Blurry?

“A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.”

Dalai Lama

Today we live in a world of openness…. or do we?  We post ideas, pictures and blogs on the internet for the world to view.  Many leaders (political and business) talk a great deal about transparency but really their actions scream of secrecy, backroom deal making, and double talk.  Through these actions, many leaders leave those who follow them confused, scared and doubtful.

We are getting close to that scary holiday of Halloween.  There will be horror movies, costumes meant to put fear into people and decorations of goblins in many of our homes and cities.  I want you to think for a moment how you feel when it is dark and you do not know what is just around the corner.  How do you feel when you are not sure of your future?  How do you feel when uncertainty of a reaction to one of your projects grabs you?  If we are honest with ourselves, most of us would answer these questions with one word…. Fearful.

Who do you know works best when they are unsure, insecure and/or fearful?  Again, most of us would probably quickly reply, “nobody”.  And yet, leaders continuously hold back information, give unclear instructions, react in a crisis with anger and give no clear vision of the future.  In short, they blur the sight of their team.  Much like the picture above, there seems to be a blur lens covering them.

What is the best way to combat this so that you inspire your people to operate with confidence, clarity and courage?  One word, transparency!  Help them see who you really are.  Help them see the finish line like you do.  Help them understand clearly what is expected of them and how you want the project/goals, etc. to be achieved.  Be real, communicate well and often and don’t play the cards too close to your vest.  This is not a poker match.

Tear the shrink wrap off of you, your projects and expectations.  Get rid of the secrets, backroom closed door meetings, and partial disclosure of information.  I promise that your team will thrive in a transparent/open environment.

Until next time… Peace! 🙂

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