Want to Change Your World?

When asked, “What needs to change to make the world better?”, the least often answer is…. “ME”.  You guessed it, when people want to change the world we are most likely to point fingers at everyone and everything else before we decide, if the world is going to change, it must begin with “ME”.

I was recently forwarded a link from YouTube that had a very inspirational speech by Adm. William McRaven.  Adm. McRaven is the current Commander of the U.S. Special Services.  He has been a Navy Seal for 37 years.  If you want to make something happen, you pick up the phone and call Adm. McRaven.  He and his team of special forces will rock somebody’s world and make something happen.  When his team leaves the field of battle, change has occurred.  His speech is not about his teams, it is about personal responsibility and perseverance.  He tells of us successful habits he learned while going through Navy Seal training almost 37 years ago.  These habits stuck with him the rest of his life.   To summarize, here is his advice to a graduating class of a small struggling school in Texas….

If you want to change the world….  

1. Make your bed every morning.  By doing this you complete a small task and you start your day with a success.  If your day is not good, at least you come home to a well made bed.

2. Find someone to help you paddle.  No one can achieve greatness by themselves.

3. Measure a person by the size of their heart not the size of their flippers.  Passion and the will to succeed will overcome any obstacle.

4. Get over being a sugar cookie and keep moving forward.  You are not and will not be perfect.  Get over it and move on.

5. Don’t be afraid of a circus.  Chaos and struggle can make you stronger.

6. Some times you have to slide down the obstacles head first.  Think outside the box and take some risks.

7. There are lots of sharks in the world.  If you want to complete the swim, you will have to deal with them.  Don’t back down from the sharks.

8. You must be your very best in your darkest moments.

9. Start singing when you are in mud up to your neck.  Stay positive in all circumstances.

10. Don’t ever, EVER, ring the bell.  Quitters never win.  They are just quitters.


Here’s the link to the speech.  The Admiral will help clarify the above for you, your team and your family members.  Take the time to listen to the speech.  You may want to watch it together with your team.  You can print and distribute the list above for future inspiration.  Again, please watch this inspirational speech and then, thank God we have many men and women like Adm. McRaven who serve and who have served as we celebrate Memorial Day.  If the link does not work directly from here, copy and paste in your browser.