Put the Odds in Your Favor, Work with a Veteran

We all want to win and we try to maneuver ourselves and structure our teams so we can try to put the odds of winning in our favor.As those of us in the United States stop today to honor and give thanks to our veterans, I want to suggest that hiring, working alongside and doing business with veterans just makes good business sense.  Veterans have wonderful attributes…  Attributes of winners and here are just a few of them.

Discipline – They “get it”.  They’ve got it.  They understand fully what “on time” means, sticking to it and the need to hang together through successes or tough times.

Responsibility – A twenty two year old that has just returned home has seen more things, done more things and been responsible for more things than many of us ever care to during our lifetime.  A retired veteran has usually been responsible for multi-million or even multi-billion dollar budgets and lots of human capital!

Unselfishness – They understand no one person “takes the hill” alone.  It takes logistical support, people covering your back, intelligence and a sense of purpose to succeed. Together Everyone Achieves More…. They have lived it.

Last, but certainly not least… Courage – Many people go their entire lives not really sure what courage really is… not a veteran.  They have seen in action, they respect it and they know how to call it to duty when needed.

So, if you could add a person to your team, work alongside or do business with someone wouldn’t you want them to be someone who is disciplined, responsible, unselfish and courageous? It seems to me, if you did, the odds would be stacked more in your favor for success!

Until next time, Peace!