Victors or Victims of Our Choices This Year?

Each day we are faced with choices.  From the time we decide to get out of bed to the time we decide it is time to return to bed at the end of a day, we are faced with choices that can have an emphatic impact on our day and our future.  I want to propose some ideas to help you as you prepare  to face these choices so you make the best decisions possible for yourself and those in your circle of influence.

  • Set fear aside and grab onto some courage – A favorite quote of mine comes from John Wayne who reportedly said, “Courage is being afraid but saddling up anyway.”  Fear immobilizes you (Think deer in the headlight look). Fear makes you less than you can be.  It makes you think small.  People who are courageous think BIG!  Shoot for the stars because even if you miss you might hit the moon.  When faced with tough decisions this year, think big, and be courageous.
  • Find your moral compass – The old adage of  “If you don’t stand for something, you just might fall for anything.”  Failure to have moral boundaries and purpose in your personal life can lead your personal and professional life to get off track.  You know what happens when a powerful train leaves the tracks???  A train wreck!  How many times have you seen people have train wreck lives or careers.  Most of the time you can point to those folks not following a moral compass.  With your moral compass working, you build integrity and we all know we like working with and following people with high integrity.  People with a moral compass and high integrity make decisive decisions during good and bad times because they know right from wrong.
  • Write down no more than 3 goals for the year ahead.  Let these goals be what your concentrate on for self-improvement and satisfaction.  When you have just a few goals, it helps you focus on where to spend your time.  It makes time management decisions much more impactful when you know where you are going.
  • Make a plan to reach the 3 goals above.  You can then make decisions about priorities.  Whether it is your budget, your educational needs or your career decisions, having a plan helps you make decisions that will move you along your path to success in an effective and efficient manner.
  • We all love little Master Jedi Yoda in Star Wars.  Since he was 600+ years old, he had lots of wisdom to pass along to all of us.  One of those wisdoms was… “You must unlearn what you have learned.”  People who succeed over long periods of time make good decisions consistently.  You have to leave the bad habits (learned behaviors) behind and learn new habits that foster, health, happiness and prosperity.  You know your bad habits.  It’s a new year with a clean slate.  Leave the bad habits in last year and develop new good habits.  Just like building muscles or learning a new skill, developing good habits and consistently repeating them results in positive, reinforcing outcomes.
  • Stay positive!  Not one of your coworkers, friends or family members want to hang out with people who keep looking down at the sidewalk and keep kicking the can of frustration down the road.  You need coworkers, friends and family.  No one climbs great mountains without a team so…..Smile!  When you feel bad, smile in the mirror.  It will lighten your moment and cause those around you to smile.  People with a good attitude make great decisions that move them down the road in a positive manner.  Think of “The Little Engine That Could”.  I think I can, I think I can…. I can! 😉

Like me, you have probably already been bombarded with all the things you need to do to be successful in the year ahead.  Keep it simple or you will will become burdened and not inspired.  If you just keep this list and refer to it once a week, you will make better, more decisive, more impactful and more positive decisions.  If you do this consistently throughout the year, you will be a Victor!!!!!  I know you can do it……

Until next time, Peace.